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  • Lamitex G-7, glass silicone tubing for high-temperature insulation.
  • Heavy walled G-7 tubing for intense heat applications used for furnace insulation.
  • Small diameter G-7 tubing cut and machined to tolerance for welding tip insulators.
  • G-7 laminate sheet machined to specification to complement G-7 tubing parts for complete furnace insulation packages.
  • G-7 sheet is available in thicknesses ranging from .003" to 5.500" and sheet sizes 49.0" wide x 98.0" long.
  • Large diameter G-7 tubing is available up to 49.2" inside diameter is available up to 48" long.
  • Lamitex G-30 glass-reinforced Polyimide sheet and tubing available for higher strength requirements under high heat applications.
  • G-7 tubes are machined into washers, spacers, bolt sleeves, split sleeves and bolt insulators for arc furnace applications.
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Glass Silicone Tubes -  G-7
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