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  • Lamitex G-11 glass epoxy tubes maintain high mechanical strength at elevated temperatures, up to 180°C.
  • Lamitex G-11 tubing meets Mil-I-24768/3.
  • Lamitex G-10/FR-4 tubing meets Mil-I-24768/2.
  • Lamitex G-10/FR-4 tubing is UL listed.
  • Lamitex G10/FR-4 has excellent electrical insulation and chemical resistance properties.
  • Lamitex G-10 non-brominated tubes.
  • Lamitex G-10 CR for thin walled cryogenic applications.
  • All glass based tubes available in standard 48" trimmed lengths and 63" trimmed lengths available upon request.
  • Random lengths not required which gives you guaranteed yields.
  • Heavy walled glass/epoxy tubes in all grades available for demanding applications.
  • Small diameters available (from .118" inside diameter up to large 49.2" inside diameter).
  • Regularly produce large and small quantity orders.
  • Franklin maintains a full line of CNC lathes and turning centers to produce high quality fabricated parts from glass epoxy tubing.  Common component parts are adapter tubes, anti-static bolt sleeves, actuators, high-temperature insulators, neck tubes and many other applications

Franklin's convolute glass epoxy tubes are wrapped on a heated mandrel with a high-temperature glass epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth substrate and then placed in a computer-controlled oven to ensure proper curing time. Our Lamitex tubes are manufactured consistently to meet the highest standards in the industry.

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Glass Reinforced Epoxy Tubes, G-10, FR-4 & G-11
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